Water Resource Department speeds up information delivery using Mobile reports.
Bangalore, 03 July, 2008

The Water Resource Department of Bihar today announced the deployment of Bizframe Mobile Inspection solution for instant report delivery from remote projects using mobile networks.
The system was inaugurated by Sri Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of the state at a flood preparation review meeting in Patna.

With the system in place, work supervisors and flying squads will be equipped with specialized mobile applications on PDA mobile devices to send instant reports of anti-erosion works and flood fighting activities in case of any embankment breach. Photographs of the affected site will be taken to assess the quantum of damage and the information would be delivered within minutes over mobile networks.

"The mobile inspection system allows users to send status reports and images instantly to headquarters using an encrypted channel over GPRS. This drastically cuts down the turn around time for any situation, without compromising on data security." explained Anupam Singh, Director of Bizframe Technologies.